SAP Business Objects (a.k.a. BO, BOBJ) is a French initiative software company, specializing in business intelligence (BI). Since 2007, it has been a fragment of SAP AG. The company claimed more than 46,000 customers worldwide in its final earnings announcement. Its flagship product is BusinessObjects XI, with components that provide performance management, scheduling, reporting, query and analysis and enterprise information management. We provide Sap online training in India. Business Objects also provides consulting and education services to help customers deploy its business intelligence projects. Other Business Objects toolsets allow universes, and ready-written reports, to be stored centrally and made selectively obtainable to communities of password-protected usernames.

SAP BO is SAP’s object plan is business-oriented. As part, SAP provides an evolutionary introduction of object technology for on-going effort to bring business benefit to its customers. Business Objects is part of SAP AG since 2007, specializing in Business Intelligence (BI) functionality that can empower users to make effective, informed decisions based on solid data and analysis. All users have access to the information they need with minimal dependence on IT resources and developers.

With these powerful solutions, users throughout your enterprise can access, format, analyse, navigate, and share information across the organization. After taking this online course, students will be capably and effectively manage the integration of SAP Business Objects business intelligence solutions with SAP ERP and design your own reports and analyses.

Using SAP Business object tools such as SAP Business Objects web intelligence (SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence) software and crystal reports software can extend business intelligence capabilities deeper into your organization and provide immediate data access .

In this SAP BO online course pupil will learn about the Business Objects universes, creating and building the universe structure, Resolving SQL Traps, Advanced Query & Reporting Techniques and to create formulas and variable etc.,

In these days of competition companies always want to stay ahead of their competitors and for that the employers need timely, accurate and relevant information. There is a lot of treasure unseen in the apparent beside the point data emanating from the multifarious transactions and operations during the Lifecycle of a product from manufacturing to delivery. Exploration of such information can throw up remarkable and important link between customers and your products and services. Seemingly useless data which would otherwise have ended in trash bins will provide useful information. The information will help companies to enhance their customer engagement capabilities.

The tools in SAP BO advantage establishments to intersect the web intelligence and analyse the different data starting from different sources. Get reports indexed against specific parameters with the help of which you can collaborate with your colleagues to take right decisions at the right time.

Why should you learn SAP BO?

If you are involved in client relationship management you are standing on the brink of a breakthrough. Get power packed insight from various operational and transactional data and drive sales upwards by learning SAP BO online.

The benefits of learning SAP BO

After completing the online training course on SAP BO you will be capable of

  • Bring all the data together
  • Take enhanced results with timely reports and close collaboration.

Get real time analysis of information on integrated systems.


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