Siebel CRM

Duration : 20 Hrs

Siebel Customer Relationship Management server administration is the framework for integration, security and development aspects of Siebel applications. Siebel CRM Administration comprises of various Siebel administration tasks such as installation, managing of Siebel Servers as well as its components, managing various web servers like IIS and iPlanet, troubleshooting Siebel Server issues, Deploying Repositories and SRF f, coordinating with database, integration and web server teams etc.

Whenever a salesperson looks up customer information, a call center agent enters a new trouble ticket, or a customer drops an item into the shopping cart on the Internet, all this information must be stored in a database. Siebel CRM is no exception to that rule. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) do a great job in storing any type of data and Siebel CRM supports a variety of versions and vendors.

The current version supported by Siebel CRM 8.1 is 9.0.1.Supported software vendors, platforms, and product versions are listed in the Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms document (SR&SP), which is published along with each release of Siebel CRM.

What we need to know about the Siebel database is that it is used to store all the customer, administrative, and repository data. No business logic, such as constraints, primary keys, or foreign key references, is implemented at the database level .So we can imagine the Siebel database simply as a place to store all the relational data we need in order to run the system.

After undertaking this online training, the entities will have working knowledge of various components used in Siebel for application integrations. They will be attentive of procedures involved in web services, virtual business components and how integration objects can be used for various internal and external data manipulation. They will also become an insight into troubleshooting mixing issues during normal course of development.

Siebel CRM Systems, Inc. was a software company principally engaged in the design, development, marketing, and support of customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The company was founded by Thomas Siebel and Patricia House in 1993. At first known mainly for its sales force automation products, the company expanded into the broader CRM market. By the late 1990s, Siebel Systems was the dominant CRM vendor, peaking at 45% market share in 2002.

Siebel Scripting_Agenda
  • Overview Of Scripting
  • The Siebel Script Editor
  • Business_Components_Events
  • Business_Service
  • Business Service Scripts
  • The Siebel Script Editor
  • Introducing Siebel Workflow
  • Invoking Workflow Processes
  • Additional Workflow Topics
  • Overview Of Siebel EAI
  • EAI Business Services
  • Overview Of Data Replication
  • Data Representation
  • XML
  • Integration Objects
  • Integration Workflow Processes
  • EAI Siebel Adapter
  • Siebel Data Mapper
  • EAI HTTP Transport Adapter Overview
  • EAIHTTP Transport Adapter Configuration
  • Overview Of Virtual Business Components
  • Creating Virtual Business Components
  • Application Services Interfaces
  • Configuring WebServices


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