RAC and Dataguard

Duration : 40 Hrs

Oracle RAC and Datagaurd Online Training

Evanta Technologies Online Training Institute provides the best Oracle RAC and DATAGUARD Online Training Course by our highly professional certified trainers. RAC allows multiple computers to run Oracle RDBMS software simultaneously while accessing a single database thus providing clustering. The main purpose of RAC and DATAGUARD online training course is to implement a collected database to provide performance, scalability and resilience.

Get trained in the best RAC and DATAGUARD Training online and become an Oracle RAC Database administrator by registering with kernel Training centre. Enrol quickly and meet our professional trained experts teaching Oracle RAC. We at Evanta provide you all the resource and help you have a bright future and guide you in passing the Oracle RAC certification. Oracle RAC online classes provide in-depth knowledge on Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Cluster ware.

Real Application Clusters – RAC is a clustered type of Oracle Database according to a thorough high-availability stack that is used as the base of the database cloud system in addition to a shared structure, guaranteeing high availability, scalability, and speed for any application. The Oracle Database with all the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) option enables running several database instances on various machines inside the bunch against a shared pair of data files, also referred to as the database. The database yet looks for the program like a single database and spans multiple hardware devices. Oracle RAC is Oracle’s top shared drive database clustering technology.

Who can learn this course:
  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Technical Administrator
Pre Requisite:
  • General understanding of database administration
End Objective:
  • Install, create, administer, and monitor a Real Application Clusters database
  • Use configuration and management tools for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Setup services for workloads management, and applications high availability
  • Develop a backup and recovery strategy for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Configure and monitor Oracle Clusterware resources
  • Review high availability best practices
  • Identify Real Application Clusters components
  • What is a Cluster Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Types of cluster
  • Components Of Cluster
  • Hardware requirement for clusters
  • Components SGA Structures
  • Advantage of using RAC
  • Clusters High Availability, Scalability and Performance
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters Architecture
  • Cache fusion
  • Multi instance transaction behavior
  • Background process in RAC
Installation of Oracle Clusterware (CRS) and configuration
  • Oracle 11g RAC Installation
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Operating System preparation for Rac
  • Introduction to Network Hardware
  • Private & Public Configuration
  • SHMMAX and Semaphores for Oracle 11g RAC
  • Groups & Users For Oracle Software
  • Clusters Setup Tasks
  • Storage for Cluster
  • Oracle Cluster Registry File
  • Cluster verify utility (CLUVFY)
  • Introduction to 11g daemons
  • Installing Cluster ready services
ASM with RAC
  • ASM Overview
  • Adv .Of ASM
  • 11g ASM Enhancements
  • Parameter used for configure ASM
  • Creating ASM Instances & Disk groups
Requires RAC Database Files : UNDO and REDO management
  • Managing Redo Log groups in RAC Environment
  • Managing Undo table space in RAC Environment
  • parameter used for 11g RAC Database/
  • SP-File management in RAC
  • Oracle database software installation
  • Cluster database creation in RAC
  • Post installation tasks
  • Database creation in Rac
  • Enabling/Disabling Archive Log mode
  • Flash recovery area
Oracle Clusterware Administration & Debugging
  • Oracle Cluster registry (OCR)
  • Voting disk
  • VIP Addresses
  • Debugging Clusterware log files
  • Workload distribution
  • Transparent application failover
 RAC Administration with SRVCTL Commands
  • Adding ASM Instances
  • Adding RDBMS Instances
  • Starting and stopping instances and database
  • Managing service with SRVCTL Commands
  • Management of OCR & Voting disk
  • Multiplexing of OCR & Voting Disk
  • 11g Enhancements in cluster where Administration
 RAC Services
  •  What is a Service
  • Advantage of using service
  • Possible service configuration
  • Creation and maintenance of services using SRVCTL, DBCA,EM
  • Statistics gathering and tracing to check performance of Services
  • Service performance views
  • Workload distribution
  • Transparent application failover
  • Adding Node in existing RAC
  • Deleting Node in Existing RAC
OCFS(Oracle Cluster File System)
  • OCFS(Oracle Cluster File System)
  • Introduction to OCFS1 & OCFS2,
  • Of OCFS2 Installation of OCFS2
  • Database creation on OCFS using DBCA OEM(Oracle Enterprise Manager)
  • Introduction to OEM
  • OEM Configuration for
  • RAC database using EMCA
  • EMCTL Commands for OEM
  • 11g Enhancements in OEM
High Availability Connections configuration
  • Configure client side connect -Time load balancing
  • Configure server side connect -Time load balancing
  • Configure transparent application failover(TAF )
Performing Backups and Recovery in RAC
  • Protecting Against Media Failure
  • Archived Log File Configurations & Conventions
  • RAC and the Flash Recovery Area
  • Distribution of Backups
Using the RMAN Recovery Manager
  • Introduction to RMAN
  • 11g Enhancement in RMAN
  • Backup and Recovery in RAC through RMAN
  • Migration RAC (Single instances to multi instances )
RAC Performance Monitoring
  • Finding & Monitoring the Sessions
  • Session and system statistics
  • Finding and Resolving Locks across Instances
  • Cache Fusion impact & events in RAC
  • Wait events & Wait event views
  • Generating AWR Snapshots & Reports in RAC
  • Doing ADDM analysis
  • Determine RAC specific Tuning
  • Data guard setup in RAC Environment
  • Introduction to SAN
  • Hardware setup and Adv of SAN
  • RAC Implementation on SAN setup
Workshop and Case Studies
  • Single instance to RAC conversion
  • Cloning a RAC Instance
  • No archive log to Archive log conversion
  • Node addition and deletion
  • Patching RAC software and Clusterware
  • Oracle RAC (10g, 11g)


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