DB2 is a relational model database server from IBM. DB2 has 3 main products . DB2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows), DB2 for z/OS (mainframe), and DB2 for iSeries (earlier OS/400). The DB2 LUW product runs on multiple  Linux and UNIX distributions as red hat linux, suse  linux, AIX, HP/UX, and solaris, and most Windows systems. DB2 also powers the IBM InfoSphere Warehouse edition, which is typically DB2 LUW with DPF (Database Partitioning Feature)  a massive parallel  data warehousing architecture. Another RDBMS, Informix, was attained by IBM

It providessolid industry leading performance, high availability and mission critical assistance, reliability of the platform, handling high value workloads, robust, optimize performance, and reduces both total cost of ownership and operational cost. It can be easily used on the premises, in private or public environments. It includes a range of management and application development tools. It can advance from a single user application to a multiuser system. And it also delivers simultaneous user access from DB2 and other databases using SQL

Database 2 or DB2, introduced by IBM is a Relational database with several advantages that favour storage and manipulation of data. Data can be accessed and understood easily, concurrency is high and so is security. Evanta Technologies brings you a comprehensive and interactive online course called IBM DB2 online training that will introduce you to the fundamentals of DB2. You will learn how to download, install, and use DB2 and its tools. By the end of this course you will be well versed with database management concepts.

The DB2 provides a firewall so that applications run in a dissimilar address space than the DB2 database server. The firewall defends the database and the database manager from applications, stored procedures, and user-defined functions. The firewall upholds the reliability of the data in the databases, as it prevents application programming errors from overwriting database manager files. The firewall also improves reliability, because application errors cannot crash the database manager.

DB2 support multiple instances in a single system. Supports Export, Import, Load and DB2move utilities to integrate data.

IBM DB2 is one of the powerful RDBMS software that help to attain huge voluminous (128 TB) data and put up special CLOB, BLOB data types. DB2 is compatible with various operating systems and federates with different types of databases. DB2 is one of the leading Web-based databases.

Who is the target audience?

This online DB2 course if for those who want to start their careers in the field of Database Administration on IBM DB2

Students, who are not at ease with programming, can take thisDB2 online training course for a highly paid career in the field of databases

Studentswho are looking for career in Database Development.


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