Duration : 40 Hrs
  • Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Introduction to SAP.
  • Introduction to SAP HCM & Submodules.
 Organization Management
  • Introduction to Organization Management.
  • Configuration of Organization Structure.
  • Creation of Organizational Units, Jobs, Positions, Work Centers and Tasks.
  • Understanding & Configuration of Organization Management Infotypes and Plan Version.
Personnel Administration
  • Introduction to Personnel Administration.
  • Creation of Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure.
  • Payroll Basics, Payroll Area, Control Record, Period Parameter, Date Modifiers & Retroactive Accounting.
  • Administrator Group & PINCH Feature, Personnel Number Ranges & NUMKAR Feature.
  • Understanding & Configuration of Personnel Administration Infotypes, Related Default Values & Features.
  • Infotype Menu, Personnel Actions, Header Modifications & Screen Modifications.
  • Global Employment.
 Time Management
  • Introduction to Time Management.
  • Time Management Process, Positive & Negative Time Management, Time Evaluation With Clock Times & Without Clock Times.
  • Understanding & Configuration of Time Management Infotypes, Related Default Values & Features.
  • Attendances, Absences, Quotas, Counting Rules & Deduction Rules.
  • Compensatory Off & Over Time Configurations.
  • Schemas and PCRs in Time Management.
  • Time Evaluation.
  • Time Manager's Workplace – Overview.
  • Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS).
  • Introduction to Benefits.
  • Benefit Area, Plan Types, Benefit Plan Status, Criteria Grouping.
  • Understanding & Configuration of Infotypes in Benefits, Related Default Values & Features.
  • Configuration of Health Plan, Insurance Plan & Saving Plan.
  • Flexible Administration, Benefit Adjustment Reasons & Employee / Dependent / Beneficiary. Eligibility.
  • Benefit Program Groupings & Benefit Programs.
 Payroll - Country Specific
  • Understanding & Configuration of Infotypes in Payroll, Related Default Values & Features.
  • Processing Classes, Cumulation Classes, Evaluation Classes.
  • Absence Valuation & Off Cycle Payroll.
  • Integration of Time Management / Benefits / FI with Payroll
  • Payroll Schema
  • Entering Payroll Data, Payroll Process, Organizing Live Payroll Run, Payroll Results.
  • Generation of Payslip
Configuration of Other Submodules
  • Recruitments
  • Personnel Development
  • Enterprise Compensation Management
 Overview of Other SAP HCM Submodules
  • Personnel Cost Planning
  • Travel Management
  • Training and Event Management.
  • Solution Manager
Overview of Reports In SAP HCM
  • Infosystems, SAP Query, Ad hoc Query, Logical Databases & Infosets.
  • HCM in BW & SEM, Payroll & Time Management Infotypes.
The Big Picture
  • Integration Of SAP HCM Submodules
  • Experience from Implementations (Case Study and Projects)


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