Oracle Fusion Middleware

Duration : 45 Hrs

Evanta Tech will provide your team with the Best Oracle Fusion Middleware Online Training in the industry. We are one of the first providers to bring a full suite of Fusion Middleware Training Online to the market.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator’s Guide for Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite describes how to administer the components of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite, including:
The SOA Infrastructure and SOA composite applications
Composite components and service engines such as the BPEL service engine, BPMN Process service engine, Oracle Mediator service engine, human workflow service engine, and business rules service engine
Oracle B2B, Oracle Adapters, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, and Oracle.

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a powerful suite and an Extract Transform and Load tool that helps to find solutions for Business Intelligence and data mining queries. It uses visual studio and SQL Server. The three main components of MSBI are SSIS-integration tool, SSAS-analysis tool, and SSRS-reporting tool. It will effectively analyse data to drive value to the organization. User can create ad-hoc transactional report and a workspace to share in the spread sheet. This instrument enables user to access correct information and work rapidly to take better business decisions that enhance business agility. MSBI training enables students would enhance capabilities to extract data from multiple data sources and load it into a single central destination.

Evanta Technologies provides best Microsoft Business Intelligence online training by our highly professional certified trainers. MSBI Online course is designed to provide insights on different tools in Microsoft Suite in SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services. It also gives the practical knowledge on data ware housing concepts and how these tools help in developing a robust end-to-end MSBI solution.  This course has 3 modules and they are SSAS, SSIS and SSRS. We are happy to be one of the finest leading IT online training with best qualified IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.

This is a comprehensive training in MSBI in the city of Hyderabad. This training will get you complete proficiency in working with the SQL server integration, analysis and reporting services. You will be positioning data modelling, multidimensional cubes, extracting value from diverse data sources and more.


Here all faculties of us have experienced the joy of training and trained Resources are available throughout the world. Preparation leads to better understanding, new knowledge, skills and expertise. Our real time experienced trainers fulfill your dreams and create professionally driven environment. We will develop the Acquaintance with production, development and testing environments. Our trainers assist in sample live projects, Assessments, clarifying doubts, providing materials, explaining bugs and critical issues, development activities, encourage innovative thoughts etc.,

Evanta is one best online training centre in Hyderabad; we are also providing training in India, USA, UK, CANADA, JAPAN, MALASIA, SINGAPOR, AUSTRALIA etc…


Evanta Technologies deliver whole MSBI training that simplifies detailed information on SSIS, SSAS and SSRS covering introduction, architecture, implementation and administration. We provide conceptual training with practical demonstration on every topic and avail practice exercises to be able to solve problems in the real-time scenarios. We monitor students to shape their career as a business intelligence architect by certified corporate trainer working on Microsoft tools who has 16+ years’ experience in the IT industry.

What you will learn in this Training?

  • Introduction to MSBI Architecture
  • The SSIS, SSAS and SSRS components of MSBI
  • Deploying ad-hoc reporting and visualizing data
  • Microsoft Report Builder and Report View
  • Ensuring data governance and data security
  • Requirement for analysis and reporting
  • Data pipeline and data flow tasks
  • Advance data transformation
  • Working with multidimensional expressions
Pre Requisite : Knowledge of Weblogic Administration
Describe the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Architecture
  • Discuss Service Component Architecture (SCA)
  • Discuss Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
  • Install Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Deploy SOA Composite Applications
  • Backing up and recovering Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Overview of high availability with Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Configure Security Policies for SOA Composite applications
  • Configure and Administer Oracle SOA Suite 11g and its components
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and tune Oracle SOA Suite 11g components
Introducing SOA and Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Describing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts
  • Introducing Service Component Architecture (SCA) Composite Applications
  • Describing Oracle SOA Suite 11g Architecture and Components
  • Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Tools
Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11gSOA
  • Creating SOA Schemas with the Repository Creation Utility
  • Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Configuring an Oracle WebLogic Domain with SOA Suite 11g Components
  • Exploring Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console
Managing SOA Composite Applications
  • Describing Composite Application Structure and Dependencies
  • Deploying Composite Applications
  • Testing and Monitoring Composite Applications
  • Managing Composite Application Life Cycle
Administering the SOA Infrastructure
  • Configuring Oracle SOA Suite 11g SOA Infrastructure Properties
  • Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Run-time Information
Administering Oracle JCA Adapters and Binding Components
  • Describing JCA Adapters and Binding Components
  • Configuring JCA Adapter Properties
  • Configuring File, Database, and JMS JCA Adapter Run-time Resources
  • Monitoring JCA Adapter Instances and Faults
Administering BPEL Process Service Components and Engines
  • Describing BPEL Components and Service Engine
  • Configuring BPEL Service Engine Properties
  • Tracking Messages in a Composite Application With a BPEL Process
  • Monitoring BPEL Process Component Instances
  • Managing BPEL Process Component Instances and Faults
Administering Oracle Mediator Service Components and Engines
  • Describing Mediator Components and Service Engines
  • Configuring Mediator Service Engine Properties
  • Monitoring Mediator Component Instances and Routing Information
  • Managing Mediator Faults
Administering Decision Service Components and Business Rules Service Engines
  • Describing Decision Services and Business Rules Service Engines
  • Monitoring Business Rules Service Engine Instances and Faults
Administering Oracle User Messaging Service
  • Describing User Messaging Service (UMS) Architecture and Components
  • Configuring UMS for Human Workflow and BPEL Process Components
  • Configuring Oracle WebLogic Server Embedded LDAP Server
  • Configuring the Email Messaging Driver
  • Testing UMS Services
Administering Human Task Service Components and Human Workflow Service Engines
  • Describing Human Workflow Components and Service Engine
  • Configuring the Human Workflow Services
  • Configuring Human Workflow Task Service Properties
  • Exploring the Worklist Application for Task Management Application
  • Describing User Messaging Preferences
Administering Oracle BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
  • Describing BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
  • Configuring BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
  • Monitoring Oracle BPMN Process Service Components and Engines
Administering Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Describing Oracle BAM Components and Architecture
  • Configuring the Oracle BAM Adapter
  • Configuring Oracle BAM Server Properties
  • Managing Oracle BAM Users and Distribution Lists
  • Monitoring BAM Activity and Components
Administering Oracle B2B
  • Describing the B2B Components and Concepts
  • Describing the B2B Console and Administration Tasks
  • Configuring a B2B Implementation
  • Testing a B2B Implementation
  • Monitoring B2B Messages in Oracle B2B Console
Administering Business Events
  • Describing Business Events
  • Describing the Event Delivery Network Architecture
  • Managing Business Event Subscriptions
  • Monitoring Business Event Occurrences
Configuring Security Services and Policies
  • Describing Oracle Web Services Manager Functionality
  • Describing Web Service Security Concepts
  • Creating a Simple Web Service Security Policy
  • Securing a Service Endpoint with the Security Policy
  • Monitoring Web Service Security Violations
Tuning Performance of Oracle SOA Suite and Components
  • Implementing Best Practice Starting and Stopping Managed Servers
  • Extending SOA Database Tablespaces
  • Managing connection thresholds
  • Optimizing Loading of Enterprise Manager Metric Page Information
  • Purging data from Dehydration Store
Troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite
  • Resolving Managed Server Startup Problems
  • Managing Connection Timeouts
  • Identifying Log Files
  • Configuring Log Levels
  • Viewing Log File Entries
  • Identifying and Resolving Common Application Problems
Configuring High Availability for Oracle SOA Suite
  • Describing Types of High Availability Options
  • Describing High Availability Implementations
Backing Up and Recovery of Oracle SOA Suite Instances
  • Adopting a Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Backing Up Oracle Fusion Middleware Environments
  • Backing Up the SOA Database Schemas
  • Recovering Oracle Fusion Middleware Environments
  • Recovering SOA Database Schemas


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