Duration : 3 Days

PHP Online Training Course

PHP is a extensively used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to create dynamic Web pages. It can be simply integrated with HTML and SQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is often used to development the contents of a Web page form as it is more reliable and secure  than JavaScript. This PHP programming course online gives an overview of how PHP programming works in the Web environment and you will be trained what certain commands and lines of code infer within a .php file and review the resultant effect on client side machines.

MySQL is an open-source RDMS which uses structured query language requests for working with data. You will learn how PHP can be combined with MySQL to create a very powerful online database engine. This  PHP Online Training Course will be of great interest to IT and Web development professionals who would like to learn more about using PHP and MySQL to integrate database functions into Webpages, and to learners who would like to learn more about the functionality of PHP and MySQL.

PHP is a server-side scripting language . It is a open-source .Designed for Web development to create dynamic Web pages. One of the very  first developed server-side scripting languages which is embedded into an HTML source document avoiding calling an external file to process data. Web server interprets the code using PHP Processor and generates required web page . Command-line interface capability is available and can be used to develop standalone pictorial applications. PHP can be deployed on all web server and standalone shell on all operating systems .PHP gained prominence over  Microsoft Active Server Pages . More than a  20 million websites and 1 million web servers use PHP.

Introduction to PHP
  • Requirements / Installation
  • The Request / Response Model
  • HTML as a Medium
  • Objects and Variables
  • Using Functions
  • Using Arrays and Loops
  • Using Posted Data
  • Conditionals
Temporary Storage
  • Understanding Cookies
  • Understanding Sessions
  • Persisting User Data Sitewide
Introduction to Oracle™ MySQL
  • Understanding Tables and Rows
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Designing Tables with PHP MyAdmin
  • Querying the Database for Information
  • Displaying MySQL Results with PHP
  • Creating a Simple Log In
  • Understanding Relational Database Design
  • Associating User Preferences with a User
Introduction to AJAX
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • JavaScript Essentials
  • Creating an AJAX Interface
  • Going Asynchronous
Oops in php
  • mvc architecture
  • understanding cms,and frameworks
  • diff between php4 and php5 projects


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