ASP.NET is a free server side web application framework used  for web development . Can create dynamic web pages. Developed by Microsoft  allows programmers to create dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.,

Version 1.0 of the .net framework  released in January 2002  as a replacement  to Microsoft’s Active Server.

ASP.NET course is to bring students up to date with the latest Microsoft web technology: ASP.NET. It allows developers to rapidly develop and arrange e-commerce and n-tier architecture solutions. Learners learn to entree supportive databases working with Visual C# code and HTML to enforce business rules. Using the most recent edition, which includes several new features, a firm foundation in ASP.NET programming will be developed. Visual Studio.NET software will be used for project development.

Since its introduction, the .NET platform has evolved quickly to become a robust technology platform for enterprise application development and systems integration. More and more, companies that were traditionally Java/Java EE based are strategically deploying both technologies by leveraging the strengths of each technology stack. For example, ASP.NET is being used to develop the web interfaces that integrate with existing Java business objects through WS- interfaces.


ASP.NET course is embattled towards experienced developers who need to get up to speed quickly with developing and deploying applications on the latest .NET platform. The program is fast-paced and code-intensive. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the .NET platform from both the development and deployment perspectives.


ASP.NET is a Microsoft server-side Web application framework used to produce dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. ASP.NET applications are typically written in C# or Visual Basic.  

There are two fundamental approaches to building ASP.NET applications:

ASP.NET web forms (the original approach) and a newer approach called ASP.NET MVC which focuses on achieving separation between the interface, the data, and the control logic.The on-site ASP.NET training classes your organization needs to successfully build Web applications and services using ASP.NET.


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