Citrix XEN Server

Duration : 30 Hrs

Citrix Xen Server is a foremost server virtualization and hypervisor management platform that lowers the total cost of proprietorship for desktop, cloud and server virtualization infrastructures. Consolidation and containment of workloads on XenServer allows organizations of any vertical or size to transform their business IT compute infrastructures, undertaking the IT datacenter challenges of today’s modern businesses.

As an Evanta Authorized training Centre, we deliver training on the latest Citrix releases including XenDesktop, NetScaler and XenMobile when and where you need it. Master role-based virtualization, networking and mobility skills, and train for certifications to help your organization reduce the implementation time of your Citrix deployment. Our Certified Instructors will help you improve the skills and capability.

Knowledge Net has partnered with the largest Citrix Training Partner in North America to provide the highest quality training when and where you need it.

We also provide Citrix course curriculum and certification, including XenDesktop training, XenApp training, XenServer training, XenMobile training, Netscaler trains and Citrix Cloud Platform training. And, with the largest calendar of Citrix Live Online Training, we offer the widest range of options to meet your specific date and location needs.

This course will help the applicants to gain the complete necessary knowledge to successfully install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot XenServer 6.0 and Provisioning Services 6.0. This program also teaches the participants virtualization and networking skills to implement and support solutions in Citrix course.

This sophisticated Citrix XenServer 6.0 course introduces students to methods for managing of XenServer 6.0 and its capabilities. Professionals can gain functional knowledge of effectively installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting XenServer 6.0

The participants will learn how to configure WLB (Work Load Balancing), a Provisioning Services host and DVS (Distributed Virtual Switch) using practical hands-on experience. After course completion participants will be well versed with all the methods such as creating and administering Disks, Windows virtual machines as well as their resource pools.

Training on Layer8 at Evanta has largest training centre and the Premier Provider of Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, XenMobile, and NetScaler training in North America. We continue to be Citrix’s “go to partner” for their educational engagements for enterprise customers. Now you can get this same world-class training experience in any of our public classroom or live online classes!

Citrix is a leader in mobile workspace solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide. Citrix’s products permit the user to implement and maintain:

  • Server, application, and desktop virtualization
  • Networking
  • Software as service
  • Cloud computing technologies, including open source products

Citrix training at Evanta will provide you with a full understanding of Citrix technologies.

Evanta classes are delivered in live, online instructor led training. Every Evanta training course follows the Citrix authorized curriculum, and is taught by Citrix instructors.



Citrix influence business mobility, allowing employees in different locations to connect and work together in real time. Mobile solutions contribute to a happier workforce. Users can choose the ideal time and place for their work, while gaining instant access to secure business information over any network.

Adopting Citrix’s desktop virtualization systems allows for a simplified IT structure with increased productivity, collaboration, and the secure exchange of information.

By virtualizing systems into a datacentre or cloud environment, an organization can greatly reduce costs of application and desktop management.


Citrix provides superior desktop and server virtualization tools. The following are some of Citrix’s major technologies:

  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • It is a safe virtual application that directly assembles Windows applications and desktops by translating them to any mobile device. This means executives and employees are given the freedom to use their own mobile technology, without the need for IT to support the hardware.

Citrix XenDesktop:

  • Leverages a mobile workforce
  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances security
  • Citrix XenApp

It distributes hosted applications and desktops as on-demand, real time services, permitting users to connect on any device. XenApp saves the labour hours required to prepare traditional hardware because it streamlines application management and unexpected demands are deployed to the cloud.

Additional benefits of XenApp include:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Expanded employee retention and recruiting
  • XenServer

XenServer is a free server virtualization platform that permits for organization of virtual cloud, server, and desktop foundations.

Citrix XenServer allows IT to suggestively decrease the number of servers in the datacenter, while exploiting application performance. It offers security and space for various virtual machines on a single physical server.

XenServer allows businesses of all sizes to:

  • Save money
  • Respond to ever-changing business needs
  • Improve performance
  • NetScaler

Citrix NetScaler is a cloud platform that allows networks across the globe to control, optimize, and secure delivery of enterprise information. As a single solution with a powerful interface, it provides quick information delivery, while reducing on-going operational expenses.

Citrix NetScaler improves performance of the network and server infrastructure and allows users to keep information isolated on the cloud to prevent data security issues.

Introduction to XenServer
  • XenServer Product Line
  • XenServer Architecture Overview
Installing and Configuring XenServer
  • XenServer Installation
  • Xencenter Installtion and Management Consoles
  • XenServer Licensing Components
  • Managing XenServer Users
  • Configuring Active Directory Integration
  • Role-based Access Control
XenServer Networking
  • XenServer Networking Overview
  • Network Components and Architecture
  • VLAN Support and Components
  • Initial Network Support
  • N/C Bond configuration for resource pools
XenServer Storage repositories
  • Storage Technologies
  • Xenserver Storage Architecture
  • Storage repository Architecture
  • Multiple Storage repositories
  • Local storage Repositories
  • NFS Storage Overview
  • iSCSI Storage Overview
  • Resizing a Storage Repository
  • Fibre Channel SANs Overview
  • Storage Multipathing
  • Citrix StorageLink Overview
Creating and Managing Virtual machines
  • Windows Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Installation from an ISO
  • Linux Distributions
  • XenServer Tools
  • Life Cycle Operations
  • Virtual Machine Templates
  • iSCSI Storage Overview
  • Resizing a Storage Repository
  • Fibre Channel SANs Overview
  • Dedicated NIC Bounds for Remote Storage
  • Storage Multipathing
  • Citrix StorageLink Overview
  • Windows Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Installation from an ISO
  • Linux Distributions
  • XenServer Tools
  • Life Cycle Operations
  • Virtual Machine Templates
  • Exporting a Virtual Machine
  • Copying a Virtual Machine
  • Assigning Resources to a Virtual Machine
  • Importing a Virtual Machine
  • Modifying Virtual Machine or Template Resources
  • Virtual Appliance Package
  • XenConvert Overview
  • Dynamic Memory Control
Installing and Configuring Provisioning Services
  • Provisioning Services Technology
  • Installation Planning
  • Storage Requirements
  • Provisioning Services Installation
  • Provisioning Services Hosts in the Console
  • Target Device Collection
  • Active Directory Integration
Managing VDisks and Target devices
  • vDisk Image Modes
  • Write Caches
  • Microsoft Licensing for Provisioning Services
  • Master Target Device
  • vDisk File Creation
  • vDisk Management
  • High Availability Overview
  • Stream Logging
Implementing Resource Pools
  • Resource Pools
  • Shared Configurations
  • Pool Member Failure Overview
Distributed Virtual Switching
  • Distributed Virtual Switching Features
  • vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance Deployment
  • Monitoring Network Activity
  • Viewing Flow Statistics
  • Distributed Virtual Switching Policy Configuration Hierarchy
  • Setting Up Port Configuration Policies
  • Cross-Server Private Networks
  • Recovering from a Failed vSwitch Controller
Work balancing
  • Workload Balancing Overview
  • Import Considerations for the Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance
  • Workload Balancing Configuration
  • Connecting to the Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance
  • Workload Balancing Settings
  • Workload Balancing Power Management
Configuring High Availability
  • High Availability Requirements
  • Restart Priorities
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery of XenServer Hosts and Virtual Machines
Managing and Troublehsooting XenServer
  • Command-line Interface Overview
  • Monitoring XenServer
  • Events and Alerts
  • Persistent XenServer Performance Statistics
  • XenServer Logs and Reports
  • Running a Network Trace and Triggering a Memory Dump
  • XenServer Updates and Hotfixes
  • Rolling Pool Upgrade
  • Workload Balancing Reports Overview


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