E-R Modeling and Relational Database Design

Duration : 1.0 – 1.5 Days

The first part of the course takes the audience through the steps of identifying Data Entities and their Attributes, and mapping out the relationships between the Entities. We start with simple Data Modeling, and then move on to Advanced Data Modeling concepts covering Arc Relationships, Entity Supertypes and Subtypes, and Recursive Relationships. All the data modeling concepts are explained with caselets.

The second part of the course focuses on Normalization and Database Design based on the Third Normal Form (TNF) Analysis. The audience is taught how to start with an unnormalized Data Structure and reduce it First, Second, and Third Normal forms by applying the principles of First Normal Form, Second Normal Form and Third Normal Form respectively.

The course concludes with situation where Denormalization may be preferred over a more stricter interpretation of Third Normal Form in the interests of Performance. This presents a classic situation of a Design-Performance tradeoff.


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