Gang of Four Design Patterns

Duration : 2.5 – 3 Days

This course begins with an introduction to Design Patterns, and takes the audience through 17 of the 23 Gang of Four Design Patterns. The patterns are broadly classified into Creational, Structural, and Behavioural Patterns. The Patterns covered are:

Creational Patterns

  • The Simple Factory Pattern
  • The Factory Method
  • The Abstract Factory Pattern
  • The Singleton Pattern
  • The Builder Pattern

Structural Patterns

  • The Adapter Pattern
  • The Bridge Pattern
  • The Composite Pattern
  • The Decorator Pattern
  • The Facade Pattern
  • The Proxy Pattern

Behavioural Patterns

  • The Command Pattern
  • The Mediator pattern
  • The Strategy Pattern
  • The Observer Pattern

Each of the patterns is explained with a scenario, and a code snippet. The part of the code implementing the pattern is highlighted.


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