J2EE Design Patterns

Duration : 2.5 – 3 Days

The prerequisites for the audience attending a program on J2EE Design patterns are:

  1. J2EE Programmers
  2. Good knowledge of basic Object-Oriented Design Concepts such as:
  1. Writing to an interface and not an implementation
  2. Preferring Composition over Inheritance
  • Understanding black box reuse, and white box reuse
  1. Have a sound understanding of aggregations and associations
  2. Understanding code implementation of Aggregations and Associations
  3. Understanding Polymorphism in concept and practice (code implementations) and appreciating it at being the heart of OOD.
  • A basic understanding of UML
  1. Have a good understanding of GoF Patterns.


The following are the patterns covered as part of the course on J2EE Design Patterns Catalog:

Introduction to the three layers in Enterprise Applications, or the 3-tier Internet Architecture, namely:

  1. Presentation Tier Patterns
  2. Business Logic Tier Patterns
  3. Data Patterns


Presentation Tier Patterns

  1. Model-View-Controller
  2. Front Controller
  3. Composite View

Business Logic Tier Patterns

  1. Session Façade
  2. Business Delegate
  3. Composite Entity
  4. Fast Lane Reader
  5. Intercepting Filter
  6. Service Locator

Data Tier Patterns

  1. Data Access Object
  2. Transfer Object
  3. Value List Handler



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