Duration : 35 Hrs

MicroStrategy, Inc., is a business intelligence (BI) software vendor. MicroStrategy’s software enables organizations to analyze large amounts of data to make business decisions. The software provides information to business users via the web and mobile devices, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. The software includes technologies marketed to capitalize on trends such as big data, mobile, cloud, and social media.

  • Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Web
  • Microstrategy Architect
  • Microstrategy Report Services
  • Advanced Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Adhoc Reports
  • Microstrategy Dashboards
  • Microstrategy Dynamic Dashboards
  • Microstrategy Widgets
Microstrategy Desktop
  • Introduction to End-to-End Business
  • Introduction to Microstrategy Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Microstrategy Desktop and Architecture
  • Configuration objects
  • Public objects
  • Schema objects
  • Creating and saving Reports in Desktop
  • Report Manipulations in Desktop
  • Data Manipulations
  • Style Manipulations
  • Thresholds
  • Creating and saving basic report filters
  • Creating, formatting and saving basic metrics
  • Microstrategy OLAP services in Desktop
  • Report objects
  • View Filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Creating and saving Basic prompts and searches
Microstrategy Architect
  • Introduction to Microstrategy Architect
  • The logical data model
  • The physical warehouse schema
  • Advanced Data modeling and schema design
  • Many to Many relationships
  • Role attributes
  • Introduction to project creation in Microstrategy Architect
  • Creating Microstrategy facts
  • Creating Microstrategy Attributes
  • Attribute Parent child Relations
  • Creating Microstrategy Hierarchies
  • Project optimization and maintenance
  • Maintaining your project over time
  • Aggregate tables
  • Transformations
  • Repository Basics
  • Cubes and Incremental Reports
Microstrategy report services
  • Introduction to Enterprise reporting
  • Document basics
  • Document design concepts
  • Useful design techniques
  • Conditional formatting
  • Personalizing content
  • Linking to other reports or documents
  • Dynamic images
  • Multiple data set considerations
  • Microstrategy office overview
Advanced Microstrategy desktop
  • Introduction to advanced reporting
  • Advanced metrics
  • Non aggregate metrics
  • Advanced filters
  • Consolidations and custom groups
  • Advanced prompts and OLAP services
  • Drill maps
  • Report data options
Microstrategy Dashboards
  • Understanding of Dashboards
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Widgets
  • Real-Time Scenarios of usings Dashboards
  • Real-Time Scenarios of usings Widgets
  • Challenges in Dashboards
  • Making a Dashboard Area to Document
Interview Questions
  • Soft Copy


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