Oracle Demantra

Duration : 30 Hrs

Oracle has acquired Demantra, a leading global provider of demand-driven planning solutions.

Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand managementsales and operations planning, and trade promotions managementsolutions. With this acquisition, Oracle plans to offer customers a compelling, comprehensive solution for the extended enterprise that enhances demand visibility with powerful analytics for more accurate demand-driven planning, forecasting, and modeling.

Oracle Demantra is a earner of demand management that allows to model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products. Computerised analytics ensures plans are based on the most exact, forward forecasts without the need of arithmetical knowledge. Oracle demantra features are automatic baseline forecasting, Promotion analytics, Multipanel worksheets and Collaborative planning platform.

The Oracle Demantra Planning Platform enables you to extend your first option, Demantra Demand Management, through configuration to create unique demand driven solutions like Demand Driven Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment and Demand Driven Vendor Managed Inventory etc.

What is Oracle Demantra?

This Oracle Demantra Demand Management accomplishes the visibility and response to demand across the entire value chain. If you start with just one source of demand information, this flexible solution lets you add demand streams, channels, and accounts incrementally, all operating on the same platform and data model.

The Oracle Demantra Planning Platform, the root of all Oracle Demantra Demand Driven Planning solutions, is an object-oriented, standards-based platform that makes sure flexibility, scalability, and extensibility as your establishment’s needs evolve. With this Oracle Demantra Planning Platform, you can modify the Demantra applications to your particular requirements.

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You can maximize profitability with superior capabilities to better sense, shape, and respond to demand with the help of Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management. Automated analytics ensures that your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts without the need of statistical knowledge.

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Oracle Demantra is an all-in-one, exclusive Demand Management Solution that brilliantly executes the various functions of Demand Management such as planning, sales and operations, predictive sales analysis among others. Oracle Demantra is a standard application in the industrial and trade sector outstanding to its sophisticated capabilities and intelligent evaluations. Moreover Oracle Demantra provides information in an easy to understand and simple-to-consume format with its superior reporting tools.

The Oracle Demantra online training course at Evanta Technologies does justice to all the aspects and features of this superior product. This course allows aspirants to learn and put Oracle Demantra in a practical and effective use.

Oracle Demantra offers a vigorous Internet-based framework for developing combined demand plans and forecasts. Learn how to configure and automate Demantra so that you can help your company improve supply chain performance and customer satisfaction. Modify the Traitor Workbench and worksheets to meet the requirements of your company. Add series and levels to the standard worksheets. Create workflows and methods to support your business procedures. Maintenance and manage integration with other platforms using integration interfaces. With Oracle Demantra applications, you can improve a company’s forecast accuracy.

  • Demantra Overview
  • Demantra - Why Customers Deploy It
  • Demantra Business Needs
  • Demantra and it’s Competitors
  • Demantra - Application Releases
  • Demantra Differentiators
  • Demantra Features and Glossary
  • Demantra Architecture
  • Demantra Demand Management & AFDM Capability
  • Demantra Demand Management Process flow
  • Demantra Concepts – Overview
  • Levels
  • Series
  • Worksheets – Worksheet Designer
  • Collaborator Workbench
  • Workflows
  • Methods
  • Security
  • Admin Tool – Business Modeler  
  • Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation
  • Collaborator Workbench Concepts
  • Content Panes
  • Worksheets Details
  • Public Vs Private
  • Worksheets and Views
  • Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data
  • Caching Worksheets
  • Who’s Online?
  • Hung Session
  • Embedded Worksheets
  • Worksheet Filters
  • Open and Open With Context
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions
  • Level Types
  • Level Hierarchies
  • Level Attributes
  • Levels Editor
  • Adding a New Level
  • Adding Level Members
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra Series
  • Series Data
  • Server Expression
  • Client Expression
  • Series Editor
  • Configuring Series
  • Aggregation and Disaggregation
  • Proportional Series
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra Security and User Management
  • Data Security
  • User Maintenance
  • User Groups
  • Component Maintenance
  • Notes Security
  • Demantra Forecasting Ideology
  • Menu Security for Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets
  • Demo on the System
  • Key Demantra Database Objects and New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Data Storage
  • Key Tables
  • Staging and Base Tables
  • Demo on the system
  • Demantra New Product Introduction
  • NPI overview
  • Member Management
  • Chaining Management
  • Shape Modelling
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra Analytical Engine and System Parameters
  • Overview of Analytical engine
  • Casual Factors Introduction
  • Analytical Engine Modes (DP and PE)
  • Batch Engine
  • Simulation Engine
  • Forecasting Models
  • Nodal Tuning
  • Forecast Tree
  • Key Engine Parameters
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra Data Model Wizard
  • Demantra Data Model
  • Demantra Integration Overview
  • Data Model Creation and Configuration
  • Staging Tables Configuration
  • Demo on the System
  • Integration Interface Wizard / Integration Between Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Understanding the Integration Interface Wizard
  • Creation of Import and Export Profiles
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Demo on the System
  • Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration
  • Setup and Process Flow
  • Demand Management System Administrator Responsibility
  • Data Collections Process
  • Collections – Standard Collection
  • Collections – Shipment and Booking History
  • Workflow – EBS Full Download
  • Demantra Predictive Trade Planning (PTP) Overview
  • Predictive Trade Planning Module
  • Introduction to PTP
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Quotas, Funds and Promotions
  • Planning Environment
  • Running Simulations


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