QTP Testing

Duration : 30 Hrs

Quick Test Professional , popularly know by its acronym QTP is the flagship functional automation testing tool from Mercury Interactive now acquired by HP. It is now called as HP Functional Test . It is an icon based tool, which automates the functional & regression testing of an application . QTP is easier to use and implement for both technical & non technical testers in comparison to other functional testing tools available. Quick Test is the market leader in Functional Automation Tool with over 50% market share . QTP’s Scripting Language is VB Script which is easy to use , understand and program .Quick Test Professional enables Business Process Testing (BPT) Supports large pool of software development environments like SAP , Web , Oracle etc.

Who can learn this course:
  • The Target Students for the Course is Test Managers, Manual Testers and Developers who want to switch to Testing, Newbie Automation Testers and Fresher’s with IT Background.         


Pre Requisite:
  • Basic knowledge on testing


End Objective:
  • The Main objective of the QTP (QuickTest Professional) is to make a testing professional aware of automation testing concept with QTP tool.
  • It is an UI automation framework designed mainly for Windows and Web-based applications.
  • One of the most important topics in QTP is the Object Identification, Object Repository, Parameterization, Descriptive Programming, etc.


  • Introduction to QTP & ADD - Ins
  • First Look Quick Test Professional (QTP)
  • First QTP Script | Identify Test Steps
  • Record and play back
  • Recording modes in QTP
  • Object Identification Mechanism
  • Working with TestObjects
  • Managing Object Repositories
  • Paramaterization
  • CheckPoints
  • Output Values
  • Results and analysis
  • Actions
  • Passing parameters between actions
  • Error Handling
  • Exception Handling--Recovery Scenarios
  • Working with function libraries
  • Debugging tests and function libraries
  • Handling Missing resources
  • Understanding Update run and maintance run modes
  • Working with data tables
  • Quicktest configuration settings
  • working with quicktest script editor
  • QTP and QC Integration
  • Understanding different panels in QTP
  • Introduction to descriptive programming
  • Introduction to Excel Objects
  • Introduction to Shell Objects
  • Introcution to files system objects
  • Intoduction to Active Database Objects
  • Introduction to pdf validations
  • Automation Frameworks
  • Keyword driven framework
  • Modular frame work
  • data driven framework
  • Hybrid framework
  • Scheduling Scripts to run at a specified time.


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