SOA Design Patterns

Day 1:

Introduction to Patterns

  • Define fundamental terminology relating to design patterns
  • Describe historical influences that shaped design patterns
  • Define pattern notation
  • Define pattern profiles
  • Describe patterns with common characteristics


SOA Types

  • Service Architecture
  • Service Composition Architecture
  • Service Inventory Architecture
  • Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture
  • Define the relationship between these architectures

Foundational Inventory Patterns

  1. Enterprise Inventory Pattern
  2. Domain Inventory Pattern
  3. Service Normalization Pattern
  4. Logic Centralization Pattern
  5. Service Layers Pattern


Inventory Standardization Patterns

  1. Canonical Protocol
  2. Canonical Schema


Service Architecture Patterns

  1. Decoupled Contract
  2. Contract Centralization
  3. Official Endpoint
  4. Service Fa├žade
  5. Concurrent Contracts
  6. Redundant Implementation
  7. Service Data Replication
  8. Legacy Wrapper


Day 2:

Enterprise Service Bus Design Patterns

Base Enterprise Service Bus Design Patterns

  1. Intermediate Routing
  2. Asynchronous Queuing

Service Broker (in turn is a compound pattern) comprised of:

  1. Data Model Transformation
  2. Data Format Transformation
  3. Protocol Bridging

Expanded Enterprise Service Design Patterns:

  1. Reliable Messaging
  2. Policy Centralization
  3. Rules Centralization
  4. Event-Driven Messaging


Orchestration Design Patterns

Base Orchestration Compound Patterns

  1. Process Abstraction
  2. Process Centralization
  3. State Repository
  4. Compensating Service Transaction

Expanded Orchestration Compound Patterns

  1. Atomic Service Transaction
  2. Rules Centralization
  3. Data Model Transformation


Audience Prerequisites: Audience should have knowledge of Service-Oriented Architecture, and be well-versed in Service-Oriented Analysis and Service-Oriented Design. Exposure to SOA engagements would be an added advantage.


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