Duration : 2 Days
  • What is Struts?
  • Model 1/MVC Design Pattern.
  • Model 2/MVC Design Pattern
  • Implementing MVC with a Framework.
  • The Struts Framework.
  • Basic Struts Components.
  • A Struts-Based Application: Logon
  • Role of Request Processor.
  • Role of Action Servlet: Controller
  • Explain struts-config.xml.
  • Action Form: Form state
  • The execute Method
  • Directing Processing Flow with Action Forward.
  • Building a view with Tags.
  • Life Cycle of Action Form.
  • Action Form Considerations.
  • The reset method.
  • The validate method.
  • execute Method of Action
  • execute () Method Considerations.
  • Some best practices for Action
  • Review: Flow Through a Typical Struts-Based Application
  • The View: Forwarding to a View.
  • Overview of Struts Tags.
  • Struts Html Tags.
  • Form-Related Tags.
  • Using Error Tags.
  • Displaying Messages.
  • Struts Bean Tags.
  • Struts Logic Tags.
  • i18N (Internationalization Concepts with Struts)
  • Advanced Struts Features(Validation Framework, Struts DBCP)
  • Validator Overview.
  • Validator Requirements.
  • Configure Validator Rules
  • Configuring Form Validation-global and formset
  • Configuring Form Validation-form and field
  • Validation with Regular Expressions.
  • Validator Form verses Validator Action Form
  • Implementing Validator method.
  • Implementing DBCP (Database Connection Pooling).


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