Workday HCM

Duration : 40 Hrs

Workday is a web-based ERP software salesperson that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications.

Workday is the best management software for Human Resources and Finances management in an association. Getting trained and certified on Workday software will increase the career prospect of professionals in the field of Finance and Human Resources of an organizations. This Company has been highly praised for the way it’s put an importance on usability, provided that customers with integrated modules for human resource and business management.

Evanta Technologies is a brand and providing quality Online, Offline, Corporate, Weekends and Fast track training on demand to the students in worldwide on Workday HCM Technical Integration from Hyderabad. Evanta Technologies is one best Workday HCM Technical Integration institute in Hyderabad and providing IT End-to-End training with real-time hands-on exposure through the IT Experts to the students. We are giving best on Workday HCM Technical Integration Online Training and offline training in Hyderabad. Evanta Technologies provides flexibility to the students while choosing Online Training, corporate training, summary of courses and their scope.

Workday is human capital management and financial management software solutions, distributing cloud leveraging a modern technology platform. Evanta Technologies Manage risk and reduce compliance costs with end-to-end processes for compliance, governance and risk.

Highlights in Our Workday HCM Technical Integration Service:

In Evanta Technologies all faculties or trainers have experienced the pleasure of training and trained Resources is accessible all over the world. Evanta Technologies Training leads to excel understanding, IT Industry latest skills requirement and proficiency with consulting service Lucid Tech Systems real-time skilled instructors accomplish your ideas/thoughts and create competently /expertly driven environment.

Evanta Technologies is one best on “Workday HCM Technical Integration“ through online and offline or class room training center in Hyderabad , We also provide on “Workday HCM Technical Integration online Training in India, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Pune, Delhi, Noida, gurgaon, NCR region, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait , Abu Dhabi, Dubai Etc.

In Workday provides management with a way to direct employee data, while tracking, procurement, expense management and financial accounting. This company has been applauded for the way it’s put an emphasis on usability, providing customers with integrated modules for human resource and business management.

Workdays specialize in providing Human Capital Management, Financial Management and payroll in online domain. It is a major web based ERP software is vendor.

It is capable of providing management services with options to oversee time tracking, employee data, expanses management, financial accounting and procurement. It is famous for the emphasis it place on providing customers integrated modules for business and human resource management and usability.

Workday used IBM cloud as a platform for developed and testing products. With Workday the users can become total visibility to make decisions after clear consideration and analysis of data that is gathered. The Workday application can be there accessed by any individual through their phones or tablets. Workday applications and software is slowly getting in standard in the industry.


  • Report Author overview.
  • Developing Simple, Advanced Report.
  • Advanced Field Calculations.
  • Accumulations based on Primary and Secondary Business Objects.
  • The Data Source Security and Report Field Security.
  • Report Management Safety Domains.
  • Scheduling reports.
  • Developing Matrix Reports.
  • BIRT (in the End).

Basic Connectors:

  • Integration Construction Overview
  • Integration cloud Connect.
  • Integration Structure templates.
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration Services in Core connector.
  • Adjustment Deduction Procedure in Core Connectors.
  • Document Changing Integration XSLT Formatting using XTT and ETV.
  • Integrations business Process.


  • EIB Overview
  • EIB Project Design
  • EIB Limitations.
  • Workday Public Web services overview.
  • Workday Reports-as-a-Services.
  • Developing an Inbound EIB.
  • Developing Outbound EIB.
  • Custom Report Transformation.
  • EIB Features.
  • Loading Consumer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s.


  • Workday Studio Overview
  • Overview of Get-together Components
  • Creating Assembly Projects.
  • Message Flow through Assemblies.
  • Using RaaS and Workday Web Services.
  • Testing and Debugging Studio Integrations.
  • Advanced Studio Concepts.
  • Exception handling in studio.


  1. Creating Locations
  2. Creating Supervisory Organization
  3. Managing Supervisory Organization
  4. Creating a Subordinate Organization
  5. Dividing a Supervisory Organization
  6. Assigning Staffing Model to a New Organization
  7. Changing Staffing Model to an Organization
  8. Viewing and Maintaining Staffing Models of Organizations
  9. Defining Hiring Restrictions
  • For Position Management
  • For Headcount Management
  • For Job Management
  1. Changing Hiring Restriction
  2. Navigating Positions
  3. Navigating Job Profiles, Job Family and Job Family Group
  4. Navigating to Management Level Hierarchy
  5. Creating Job Profiles, Job Family and Family Group
  6. Creating Positions
  7. Compensation Rules
  8. Create Compensation Rules
  9. Creating Compensation Grades
  10. Creating Compensation Plan
  11. Create Salary Plan
  12. Create Allowance Plan
  13. Creating Compensation Package
  14. Creating Security Groups
  15. Modifying Business Process Security Policy
  1. Create Simple Report
  2. Create Advanced Report
  3. Run and Copy a Standard Report
  4. Changing the data source of a report
  5. Sort
  6. Add Filter
  7. Add Sub Filter
  8. Overview of EIB.
  9. Inbound EIB
  10. Outbound EIB
  11. Core Connector
  • Overview
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration System Services
  • Integration System Field Attributes & Field Overrides
  • Integration System Integration Attributes & Sequence Generators
  • Change Detection
  •  Launching Integrations
  1. Custom XSLT
  2. Calculated Fields
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Date Functions
  • True/False Conditions
  • Currency Conversion
  • Text Functions
  • Numeric Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Lookup Related Value
  • Extract Single Instance
  • Extract Multi Instances


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