Duration : 40 Hrs
Overview about datacenter server Management
  • Evolution of server scalability
  • Management challenges that exist in modern datacenters
  • Chanllenges faced by traditional blade server deployments
The Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Components of Cisco UCS
  • logical view of the Cisco UCS
  • Standards and processes for the I/O Consolidation
Defining Cisco UCS hardware Components
  • Major Cisco UCS Hardware Components
  • Cisco UCS chassis hardware Components
  • Cisco UCS fabric Interconnect models
  • Cisco UCS Blade Servers and options
Csico UCS Architecture and installation Architectural and feature Overview
  • Cisco UCS management Architecture
  • Various responsibility assignments within the cisco UCS environment
  • Diagnostic information available in Cisco UCS
  • High availability and disaster recovery capabilities of the Cisco UCS Manager
Installing Cisco UCS Hardware
  • Installation guidelines for the Cisco UCS Platform
  • Power supply configuration options for the Cisco UCS chassis
  • Install the various modules of a Cisco UCS Chassis
Describing Unified Connectivity
  • Hardware component connectivity
  • Connectivity between Fabric Interconnects for High availability
  • Fabric Interconnect network configuration
Cisco UCS Interaction and management Exploring the Unified computing User Interfaces
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Command Line INterface
  • Connect Commands
  • Cisco UCS startup and shutdown Procedures
Cisco UCS Manager Fundamentals
  • Resources managed by Cisco UCS
  • Cisco UCS resource Pools
  • Cisco UCS Service Profiles
  • Cisco UCS Service Profile Policies
  • Service Profiles in the basic opt-in model
  • Service Profile in the logical server model
LAN & SAN Connectivity Compute Node LAN Connectivity
  • Server and Uplink Ethernet ports in Cisco UCS
  • Ethernet Host Virtualizer mode
  • Ethernet switching mode
  • Configuration and use of VLANs in the Cisco UCS environment
  • Virtual Network Interface cards
  • Provisioning VLANS
  • Port channel configuration
  • How pin Groups function
  • LAN tools
Compute Node SAN Connectivity
  • NPIV
  • Configuration and Use of VSANs
  • Virtual host bus adapters
  • SAN uplink and server Fibre Channel ports
  • How Pins Group function
  • Provisioning VSAN's
Service Profiles, Resource pools & Policies Resource Pools
  • Use of Mobile Service Profiles
  • MAC addresses and pools
  • Worldwide names and pools
  • UUID pools
  • Management IP Pools
  • Server Pools
  • Pool qualifier and policies
Creating & Managing Service Profiles
  • Create a Service Profile
  • Expert wizard to create a Service Profile
  • Create & Update Service Profile template
  • Scrub Policies
  • Associating Service Profiles with computer nodes
  • Process for moving a logical server
  • Use KVM and virtual media utilities to access a computer node
  • vNIC & vHBA creation and templates
Operating Syatem Provisioning
  • SAN-based operating Syatem installation
  • Local disk opearintg system installation
  • Network based opearting syatem installation
  • MAC Policies
  • Ethernet Policies
  • WWNN Policies
  • Scrub Policies
  • UUID policies
  • RAID Policies
  • Boot Policies
  • Power Policies
  • Eqiupment Policies
Securing Cisco UCSĀ Role-Based Access Control
  • Cisco UCS Management Groups
  • Create Organizations
  • Create Locales
  • Create Users
  • Create Users
  • Create Roles
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • RBAC configuration
  • Remote RBAC Configuration
  • Configuration of AAA features and options
  • Integrating with Active Directory
Backup and Restore
  • Supported backup types
  • Backup and Inport Jobs
  • Configure Backup job
  • Configure import job
Maintenance of Cisco UCS Environment Managing High Availability
  • High availability connectivity of Fabric interconnects
  • Cisco UCS regarding high availability
  • How to configure high availability
  • How to manage high availability
Monitoring System Events
  • Event and failure monitoring using the GUI
  • Options for monitoring of Cisco UCS remotely
  • Monitoring of Cisco UCS from the CLI
  • Cisco UCS threshold policies
  • Configuration of call Home Policies
  • Data export capabilities of the Cisco UCS manager
Upgrading Software in the Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Cisco UCS software upgrade process
  • Upgrade Cisco UCS fabric interconnnect software
  • Upgrade CMC software
  • Upgrade BMC Software
  • Upgrade adapter software


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