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Duration : 40 Hrs

Microsoft SharePoint is a very powerful component in Microsoft’s arsenal of technology tools. Within the Microsoft official curriculum SharePoint forms part of their formal certification paths which provide delegates with the opportunity to take an exam in order to ratify their knowledge and expertise with Microsoft SharePoint. We do not restrict the delivery SharePoint training to just the Evanta Technologies training. Much of our expertise lies in the tailoring of course content, so if for example you wanted the 5 day course delivered over 4 days, then this is not a problem for us at all. We also need very little in terms of onsite IT as much of what we now deliver is accessed via a simple internet connection.

If you have recently deployed or are looking to roll out Microsoft SharePoint into the organisation then we are the right people to speak with about giving you the training which will make the most of this superb technology. If you have delegates based at multiple sites then this presents no problem to us at all; we can offer dates not just in Hyderabad, but also around the world and of course there is the option to have one of our highly qualified Microsoft trainers come to your offices and deliver course offsite for you.

SharePoint is a business alliance platform that allows for information distribution and working together using sites. Many companies use SharePoint as a user-friendly platform for intranets and knowledge resources providing places for communities of practice to meet and share their wisdom. The platform saves time, streamlines procedures and simplifies the overall management of resources. Right from content management and social computing to shared files, task lists and workflows, SharePoint facilitates a setting where users can come in unison to accelerate business processes and improve business sharing.

Microsoft SharePoint training courses make SharePoint useful for everyone. From basic skills of accessing information on a site, completing the task of site design to management and improvement, you will learn everything if you complete a Microsoft SharePoint training course.

What you will learn through Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses?

After complete a Microsoft SharePoint training course, you will learn to transfer documents easily and quickly. You can create tailored lists, views and web pages. You will be able to reduce the number of little tasks that you skipped previously. There will be an increase in the efficiency of your people to find documents, manage who can access them and also identify the appropriate version to use. SharePoint is becoming a default application for collaboration within organization. Learning to use it effectively leads to more productive team environment and improvement of overall effectiveness.

Microsoft SharePoint training courses are available for all versions including SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Who will benefit from Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses?

Professionals whether they are managers, team leaders, and administrative executives, marketers who wants to take benefit of the opportunity to communicate and associate more effectively will benefit from Microsoft SharePoint training courses. Organizations that use Microsoft SharePoint will benefit a lot from these courses.

Attend Microsoft SharePoint training in online provides more than 1500+ IT and Business training courses throughout the country. Whether you’re looking for customized offsite Microsoft-SharePoint online training for a private group throughout area or a public instructor-led online Microsoft-SharePoint class.

Evanta Technologies provides customized, advanced Microsoft SharePoint training and certification courses to help aspirants gain expertise in the SharePoint platform and earn validation from Microsoft. The instructor-led and live online classes for SharePoint 2016 training are conducted by certified instructors using a Microsoft Official Curriculum.

The MS SharePoint classes provide comprehensive understanding of advanced technologies and develop ability to harness the full collaboration and document management functionalities of SharePoint. The program includes SharePoint designer, development, and administration training on 2016 and earlier versions. With learning guidelines, best practices, and hands-on lab exercises, the candidates gain the right skills to meet industry requirements.

Microsoft Office SharePoint provides you the ability to manage and organisation information and collaborates on small or large projects.

The PD Training Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Essentials Training Course in evanta technologies discuss all the basic functions of SharePoint, including handling calendars, creating lists, editing documents, establishing workflows, managing libraries and more. The training course is designed to give you a solid foundation in Office 365 SharePoint so that you can use it confidently and effectively.

Who can learn this course:

Individuals who want to become sharepoint administrators

Pre Requisite:
  • Attendees should have experience working as an IT professional in a Windows network environment
  • Familiar with installing and configuring Windows Server 2008 or 2012, Active Directory and SQL Server.
 End Objective:
  • Install SharePoint Server 2013
  • Scale a SharePoint 2013 farm
  • Use the Central Administration site to perform day-to-day administrative activities
  • Use the Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS)
  • Create and manage the content databases associated with a Web application
  • Use the standard site templates available in SharePoint 2013
  • Create and configure SharePoint tenancies
  • Understand the Business Data Connectivity Service (BCS)
  • Create External Content Types
  • Configure a site collection as a Content Type Publishing Hub
  • Create taxonomies of managed metadata
  • Create and configure a User Profile Service Application
  • Understand the search architecture and how to use it in custom solutions
  • Configure the Sandboxed Code Service and monitor sandboxed solutions running within your farm
  • Restore a SharePoint 2013 farm in the event of catastrophic server failure
  • Migrate site content from a SharePoint 2010 farm to a SharePoint 2013 farm

Part: - I SharePoint Site Collection Administration

  • Introduction & Demo
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2013
  • Introducing SharePoint Server 2013
  • Planning SharePoint 2013 Architecture --->PPT Explanation Pending
  • Introducing the Central Administration Interface
Day2: Building Sites and Site Collections
  • SharePoint Site and Site Collection Overview
  • SharePoint Site Templates
  • Planning a Site Collection Structure
  • Planning Site Collection Implementation
  • Planning My Sites
  • Creating and Managing Site Collections
  • Touring the Site Directory
Day3: Configuring and Maintaining Lists and Libraries
  • Introducing Lists and Libraries
  • Configuring and Maintaining Lists and Libraries
  • Overview of Document and Records Management
  • Working with Microsoft Documents in SharePoint
  • Working with Microsoft Outlook in SharePoint
  • Outlook and SharePoint Interoperations Overview
  • Managing Email Content in SharePoint
  • Managing Outlook Content with SharePoint
Day 4: Configuring Web Part Pages, Web Parts, and Web Pages
  • Overview of Web Pages
  • Web Parts and Web Part Pages
  • Deployment of Web Parts using .WSP and CAB using STSADM.

Part: - II SharePoint Farm Administration

Day 5: Installing and Deploying SharePoint 2013
  • Active Directory Installation and Configuration
  • Creating Service Accounts
  • Installing SharePoint Prerequisites
  • Installing SQL server 2005
  • installing .net Farm Work
  • Basic Installations of SharePoint Farm
Day6: Active Directory and service Accounts for SharePoint
  • Connecting the servers in AD Domain
  • Creating Host records in DNS and Host headers for SharePoint sites
  • Medium Farm Installation and Configuration
Day7: large Farm Installation and Configuration
  • Large Farm Installation and Configuration
  • The SharePoint Central Administration Web Application
  • Central Administration Post-Installation Tasks
  • troubleshooting on installation and Configuration tasks

Part: - III SharePoint Security Mechanism

Day8 - Managing Users and Groups
  • SharePoint Users and Groups Overview
  • Personalization and Site Access Permissions
  • Configuring Users and Groups in SharePoint
  • Configuring User Profiles and My Sites
Day 9 - SharePoint Security Overview
  • Web Application Level Security
  • Site Collection Level Security
  • Farm Level Security
Day - 10 Configuring Authentication and Security
  • Planning for Authentication
  • Configuring Farm Authentication
  • Introduction to Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication
  • SharePoint 2007 Security Planning
  • Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO)

Part: - IV Shared Services Provider (SSP)

Day: - 11 Introduction to the Shared Services Provider
  • Configuring an SSP
  • Managing Shared Services Providers
  • Managing SSPs at the Farm Level
  • Restoring an SSP
Day: 12 Managing SharePoint Navigation and Search
  • Overview of Search
  • Planning Search
  • Understanding the Microsoft Vision for Search
  • Architecture and Components of the Microsoft Search Engine
  • Understanding and Configuring Relevance Settings
Day: 13 SharePoint Advanced Search Configurations
  • Configuring SharePoint Search
  • Crawling Different Types of Content
  • Creating Service Accounts and Configuration of search at Farm Level
  • Planning Navigation
  • Search Administration
Day: 14 Advanced Search Configurations
  • The Client Side of Search
  • Managing Results
  • Using SharePoint Search
  • Using SharePoint Navigation
Day: 15 User Profiles and properties
  • User Profiles and properties
  • Creating My Sites
  • Importing Users from Different Domains
  • Creating content Sources for all default options and advanced
  • Troubleshooting Search issue
Day: - 16 SharePoint Excel Services Overview
  • SharePoint Excel Services Overview
  • Understanding Excel Services Components
  • Configuring Excel Services
  • Creating Excel service reports
  • Creating Excel based Web parts
  • Synch of Excel service with SharePoint sites
  • Importing data from other sources to Excel sheet to SharePoint
Day: - 17 Publishing Workbooks to Excel Services
  • Publishing Workbooks to Excel Services
  • Working with Spreadsheets Through Excel Web Access
  • Using Excel Services in Dashboards
  • Configuring Security
  • Performance Considerations
  • Accessing Data from Other Sources
Day: - 18 Business data Catalog
  • BDC Overview
  • Importing Data from other sources to SharePoint Using BDC meta Man tool
  • Using BDC web parts
  • Using Excel Services and Business Intelligence
  • Using Business Forms and Business Intelligence

Part: - V Disaster and Recovery (Backup and Restore)

Day: - 19 Getting Started with SharePoint Disaster Recovery
  • Getting Started with SharePoint Disaster Recovery
  • End User Resources
  • SharePoint Designer’s Backup and Restore Tools
  • The Central Administration Site’s Backup and Restore Tools
Day:-20 Advanced Backup and Restore Settings
  • exe’s Backup and Restore Operations
  • Tips and Tricks for SharePoint’s Built-In Backup and Restore Tools
  • Custom Development and Scripting for SharePoint Disaster Recovery
  • SQL Server 2005 Backup and Restore
  • SQL Server 2005 High Availability
Day:-21 Windows Server 2003 Backup and Restore
  • Windows Server 2003 Backup and Restore
  • Windows Server 2003 High Availability
  • SharePoint Disaster Recovery Planning and Key Concepts
  • SharePoint Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation
  • SharePoint Disaster Recovery Testing and Maintenance
Day:-22 Troubleshooting SharePoint Issues
  • Over view of Troubleshooting
  • Server level issue trouble shooting
  • Client Issue Trouble shooting


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