Duration : 50 Hrs
Basics of procurement
  • Procurement Process and Organizational Levels
  •  Purchase Order Entry - Basics
  •  Goods Receipts Entry - Basics
  •  Invoice Entry - Basics
Master Data
  • Vendor master record
  •  Material Master Record
  •  Entry Aids
Procurement of Stock Material
  • Conditions
  •  Request for Quotation Management / Quotation Processing
  •  Create Purchase Order with Reference
  •  Purchasing info records
  •  Material Valuation Basics
  •  Stock Types, Valuation, GR in Warehouse
  •  Invoice Verification and Delivery Costs
Procurement of Consumable Material
  • Consumable Material - Overview
  •  Purchase requisition
  •  Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgement
  •  Valuated and Non-Valuated Goods Receipts
  •  Blanket Purchase Order
Procurement of External Services
  • Service Master Record and Conditions
  •  Purchase Order for Services
  •  Service Entry and Invoice Verification
Master Data for Purchasing Management
  • Purchasing Material Master Record
  •  Vendor Master Record
Source of Supply
  •  Purchasing Information Record
  •  Contract
Scheduling Agreement
Source Determination
  • Source List
  •  Quota Arrangement
  •  Further Aspects of Source Determination
Optimized Purchasing Management
  • Processing Non-Assigned Purchase Requisitions
  •  Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions
  •  Purchase Order Monitoring
Release Procedure
Specific Procurement Processes
  • Invoicing Plan
  •  Blanket Purchase Order
  •  Subcontracting
Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
  •  Introduction to Invoice Verification
  •  Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
  •  Document Parking
  •  Taxes, Cash Discounts, and Foreign Currency
  •  Invoices for POs with Account Assignment
Variances and Invoice Blocks
  • •Variances and Blocking Reasons
  •  Invoice Reduction
  •  Variances Without Reference to an Item
  •  Releasing Blocked Invoices
Subsequent Debit/Credit, Delivery Costs, and Credit Memos
  • Subsequent Debit/Credit
  •  Delivery Costs
  •  Invoices Without Reference to Purchase Orders
  •  Credit Memos and Reversals
Automated Proceses in Invoice Verification
  • Invoice Verification in the Background
  •  Automatic Settlements
Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
  • Transaction for Goods Movements - MIGO
Goods Receipts
  • Goods Receipt Without Reference
  •  Goods Receipt with Reference
  •  Return Delivery, Returns, and Cancellation
  •  Delivery Completed Indicator and Tolerances
  •  Date Checks in GR for Purchase Order
Stock Transfers/Transfer Postings
  • Transfer Postings
  •  Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations
  •  Stock Transfer Between Plants
  • Manual Reservations
  •  Evaluations for Reservations
Goods Issues
  • Unplanned Goods Issues
  • Goods Issue with Reference
  • Stock Determination
  • Negative Stock
Special Stocks
  • Subcontracting
  • Vendor Consignment
  • Further Special Stocks
Special Features of Material Valuation
  • Material Types UNBW and NLAG
Physical Inventory
  • Preparing and Carrying Out Physical Inventory
  • Simplification of Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Sampling


  • Settings for Documents in Inventory Management
  • Movement Types


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