Introduction to Predictive Analytics
  • Introduction to predictive analysis
  • Impact of predictive analysis on Businesses
  • Overview of SAP’s Predictive Analytics Strategy & Solutions
SAP HANA Predictive Ecosystem
  • Role of SAP HANA and associated tools and Predictive Technologies
SAP Lumira
Data Acquisition
  • Getting Started with SAP Lumira
  • Connecting to Local Data Sources
  • Connecting SAP HANA in Online mode
  • Connecting SAP HANA in Offline mode
  • Connecting to a Universe
  • Connecting with MySQL as data source
  • Creating Basic Visualizations
  • Creating Complex Vizualizations
  • Using different Charts
  • Working with Story Boards
  • Exporting Datasets
  • Working in the cloud
Predictive Analysis
  • Introduction to Predicting Perspectives
  • Introduction to In-built PAL and R algorithms
  • Predicting using HANA Apriori
  • Predicting using HANA K-Means
  • Predicting using R Algorithms
Working with the Predictive Analysis Library
  • Getting Started and Setup
  • Working with Time Series Algortihms
  • Working with Association Algorithms
  • Working with Clustering Algorithms
  • Working with Data Preparation functions
  • Working with Classification Algorithms
  • Working with Statistical functions
  • Working with Social Network Link Prediction
  •  Implementation & Deployment Scenarios
  • Partnering with SAP on Predictive Opportunities
  • Creating a HANA schema and analytic views
  • Creating a Predictive Analysis Model
  • Loading, discovering and manipulating HANA data
  • Modeling a predictive scenario using and HANA Algorithms
  • Persisting predictive results back to HANA or other sources
  • Creating visualizations and publishing results
  • Integration to the BusinessObjects BI Platform and clients
Over View of R Integration for SAP HANA
  • Getting Started and Setup
  • Configuring SAP HANA
  • Running Parameter based analysis 


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